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Employment Law

The workplace is a very unique environment where people from all walks of life need to fit together to be productive and profitable.  Due to the variety of employees, workplace disputes come in every size and shape.  They can be driven by misunderstandings, adverse employment actions, feeling unappreciated, and perceived or actual discrimination.

Defending a wrongful termination claim can be extremely expensive. These expenses include not only attorney's fees, but also fees associated with investigation specialists, wages paid to existing employees to help defend the claim, and possibly a settlement of the claim. In addition to the actual cost, the situation takes an extreme emotional toll on everyone involved.

If you are an employee and feel you were mistreated, speaking with someone quickly to analyze your options may help you either resolve the dispute, or move on in a professionally manner as soon as possible. 

Preferably, any disputes which occur in the workplace may be addressed though mediation long before the matter becomes a lawsuit. Mediation may occur at anytime during the dispute life cycle, but it's usually best to resolve the dispute as early as possible.


If there are questions about who is actually to blame for a workplace dispute, it may be beneficial to have any outside individual complete an investigation of the matter to help assess the underlying issues. 


Jerry can assist with workplace disputes in a variety of ways, including mediation, workplace investigations, and proper counseling.  

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